What do we do with the information
you give us?

Cyber-crimes are those crimes which are done with the help of sophisticated information technologies. These technologies help them to hide their identity and location. In order to curb these crimes, investigation agencies need bulk data to identify the source of the crime and destination of the money.

How this works?

After we receive your report, it goes to the following process:
After we recieve your report, we share your report to the police/cyber cell having the appropriate jurisdiction.
We run your report with our analytics team to analyze the pattern of the cyber crime of similar kind.
If we feel that we need more information from you then we contact you.
After getting all the information, we share our analysis with government authorities/ appropriate banks and private agencies. We only share this data with selective organization who can help us stop further crimes from happening.
We will ask the police and authorities for an update every month. Once we revieve the update we upload it on our website.


This is not a proxy for Police Complaint. We collect all the data submitted to us voluntarily and then pass on to state police, cyber cells and any other investigating agencies. We will follow up with them and update you if there is any progress. We make no promise as to what results will be achieved except that we will make it more difficult for cyber criminals who see to operate with impunity at present.

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