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Cyber Intelligence Alliance is not an emergency service. It is only a forum to collect cyber complaints data. Please visit your nearest cyber cell to report an ongoing cyber-attack.
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Fraud Type

Are you providing information of a fraud or an attempted fraud?

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Fraud Type

Help us identify the way crime was committed/attempted

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About the victim

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What is your name?

What is your Gender?

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Other details about yourself.

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Please make sure you give us correct and latest infomation.

What is the name of the victim?

What is the Gender of victim?

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Please make sure you give us correct and latest infomation.

What is the name of the organization?

What is the address of organization?

Other details about the organizaion

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About the Suspect

How did you first come to know about the suspect or the scheme.

If they contacted you through/on a specific website please mention the link.
Do you have any screenshot or any other picture giving more details about the suspect then please upload here.
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About Suspect

Please provide all the details available with you about the suspect. You can enter details of as many suspects as you want. If you wish to provide more details, use the additional information field below.

What is the suspect's name?

Other details

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Money Details

Please give any amounts asked for below in Indian Rupees. If the amount was in another currency, please give an estimate in Indian Rupees. Please enter the amount only in numbers. Do not use words, commas or Rupee sign.

How much money did you loose?
If it was an attempted fraud then leave blank.

Do you have any details about how the money went to suspect?

Other details

Date-Time when the money was deducted from your bank account.
Please upload any relevant screenshot you may have.
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Fraud Details

Please narrate the incident in details

If you have reported the incident in any police station share the FIR details