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This is not a proxy for Police Complaint. We collect all the data submitted to us voluntarily and then pass on to state police, cyber cells and any other investigating agencies. We will follow up with them and update you if there is any progress. We make no promise as to what results will be achieved except that we will make it more difficult for cyber criminals who see to operate with impunity at present.

What is CIA?

Did someone attempt to commit a cyber crime? Do you have any information about it? Are you a victim of cyber crime? Please share the information by registering.

Cyber fraud
Nigerian scam
Cyber stalking
Cyber bullying
Identity Theft
Child Pornography
Illegal MLM
DDoS Attacks
Credit Card Fraud
Debit Card Fraud
Money laundering

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Did someone even attempt to commit a crime using the internet, computer or phone? If you were victim of any of the following cyber crime.

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Cyber Intelligence Alliance is not an emergency service. It is only a forum to collect cyber complaints data. Please visit your nearest cyber cell to report an cyber attack.

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We rely on volunteering lawyers to report cyber crime in respective states and districts. If you are interested in volunteering to fight cyber criminals and contribute to India's largest voluntary network of cyber lawyers, email your profile to us and we will get in touch: [email protected]